In general almost everyone wants to look younger or even if there are some of us that don't mind looking our age we would like to grow old gracefully. This has led to hundreds of skin care products being developed to help us look younger.

Some of those creams can be quiet effective but it can depend on the type of skin you have and how it reacts to the product. What may work on one person may not be quite effective as on another. A good anti aging cream will generally include peptides, collagen, retinol and antioxidants that help nourish the skin. The research that goes into these creams can be enormous and some people think that the more expensive the cream the better it will be. However,the best idea is to try as many different creams as you can, until you find one that compliments your skin type.

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As well as using cream to keep your skin looking young it is also suggested that you drink plenty of water, have a healthy diet including fruit and vegetables and take some exercise. You should also restrict the amount of time your skin is exposed to strong sunlight and reduce you intake of toxins such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

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